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Track Airline Flights

On average, in the US, four out of five flights are delayed for one reason or another. There are plenty of reasons to explain these delays, including causes by the carriers themselves, weather, the national aviation system, security and simply late arriving aircrafts. But that doesn't comfort the late traveler who may have been limited to … [Read more...]

Learn How to Make Paella Vallenciana

Paella -- it's the ultimate one-pan meal. And to really enjoy it, travel to Valencia, Spain and learn how to make paella Valenciana. There, the men of the house make paella on Sundays for their families, significant others and friends. It's very social, and the experience usually includes beer, wine, salad, your paella, a dessert and more wine. Who … [Read more...]

GroundLink Airport Limo Service Review

Your choice of ground transportation has a tremendous impact on your travel experience. When you choose a private car service, convenience and comfort are among the top reasons for this preference. Depending on the circumstances, it can even be perceived as a more effective choice for your time and money to have a professional driver. And, … [Read more...]

24 Hours in Napa Valley, California

If you have an upcoming business trip to northern California, the idea of extending your stay and experiencing Napa Valley is a no brainer. I’ve done that several times. It’s less than 90 minutes from San Francisco and Oakland airports. And Napa Valley offers unique landscapes, amazing cuisine, boutique shops, spa resorts and wine … [Read more...]

AirGrub Airport Dining App Review

Technology certainly helps make business travel easier, but if an app can help us save time when we're on the road, that's even better. And when I'm running late for the airport, I feel rushed when I have to search out a find a 'grab and go' restaurant, selecting an item from the menu and then waiting anxiously for the food before running to the … [Read more...]

Shoreline Sightseeing Tours in Chicago Review

The most iconic summer event in Chicago is to spend time on on a boat cruise on Lake Michigan or along the Chicago River. The skyline views they offer are popular with locals, visitors, event planners and business travelers. For more than 75 years (third generation of family ownership), Shoreline Sightseeing has been showcasing that skyline -- … [Read more...]

SkyRoll on Wheels and Garment Bag for Business Travelers Review

Why check luggage when you can use carry-on bags? But packing clothes so they don't wrinkle is a challenge. And trying to keep your suit jacket relatively wrinkle-free is something that every business traveler considers. For me, I haven't even tempted to put a sport coat or suit jacket into a suitcase for quite some time. Instead, I pass it to a … [Read more...]

BodyworksBall for Business Travelers Review

We know that business travel can be physically stressful and demanding in many ways: squeezing into an airline seat for several hours, hunching over to work on our laptops and tablets, walking trade show floors all day with a canvas bag hanging over our shoulders, maneuvering ourselves through crowded hallways between sessions or making our way … [Read more...]

Mountie for MacBook Air and Macbook Pro for Business Travelers Review

When I first learned about the Mountie, I was working at home on my laptop and my iPhone was connected and powering up next to it on my table. I often rely on my mobile device as a way of looking up information without having to navigate through multiple window screens (which I do that, too). And I know that others juggle a second device as they … [Read more...]

Platea Madrid Review

Imagine you're going to go to one of those beautiful, old-fashioned theaters that dates back to the 1940s and 50s -- the main floor is large and there are two balconies and a lower level. Platea Madrid keeps some of the best aspects of that atmosphere -- the use of lights, staging, color and the magic of transporting you to to different time and … [Read more...]