Business-friendly work space at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai Photo: Diana Rowe

Business travelers are on the road so often that their travel-weary souls energize when a hotel thinks like a business traveler. And business hotels that offer free business themed amenities – do stop my beating heart and dusty suitcases!

Today’s 24/7, fast-paced, technologically-advancing world no longer allows business travelers or meeting planners to simply check in at the office and then call it a day. The demands of the job means they need immediate access to state-of-the-art technology – and the appropriate workspace to get the job done.

Flash forward to 2011, and what are the top amenities business travelers want?


  1. FREE, in-room, reliable, high-speed wireless internet access.
    Please don’t make me trudge to the business center in the middle of the night (if it’s even open). And most definitely don’t make me pay $24.95 per 24 hour for the privilege – not to mention the additional time and paperwork it takes to process those expenses when I return home. I’m on the road to work, and my business hotel should recognize that by now.
  2. In-room office space with large desk area, sufficient lighting and multiple power outlets.
    Remember I have to plug in my laptop, phone charger, rechargers for other electronics (iPod, alarm clock, etc.). I’ve hit the jackpot when my business hotel also offers in-room printer, fax and copier.
  3. Ergonomic chair, preferably on wheels.
    I’m going to be stuck here often while on business, so I have to be kind to my body.
  4. In-room FREE coffee (or tea).
    Please don’t make me trudge down in my pajamas to retrieve a cup of coffee! Chances are I put in long hours last night, and all I want is a cup of coffee before heading back out there.
  5. Business or Lobby Service Centers.
    A much needed amenity to print boarding passes (when alas no in-room printers) and for those last minute projects that require copies or faxes. Airline check-in kiosks, such as at The Venetian, are a welcome amenity addition.
  6. On-site and complimentary Fitness Centers.
    Business travelers have so little time when on the road that, if they can squeeze a 20-minute workout into their schedule, going off-site isn’t an option. And, really, who wants to pay an additional $20 for the inconvenience?
  7. Hotel loyalty or frequent flyer programs.
    If a business traveler is bringing his or her business to you and doing so frequently, rewarding with points for future hotel stays or flights is priceless! And you’ll be first on their list when returning to your area or revisit your brand in another destination.

    Stack of Premium Frequent Traveler Program Cards

    Full House, Platinum over 1K © Mark Peacock


  8. FREE local calls and 800-number access.Optional, and most certainly rare, but much appreciated. Yes, I’ll more likely use my cell phone for those calls, but if I can kick back and use the in-room phone, ah, how sweet it is!
  9. Green and Sustainable Hotels
    The new Green trend in business hotels is often at the forefront of a business traveler’s agenda. Hotels that embrace green and sustainable practices often make it to the top of the list.

Other amenities that keep business travelers returning are in-room complimentary bottled water, those amazing sleep-inducing bedding and mattresses, friendly staff who remember you, destination-knowledgeable concierge, free newspapers, and free breakfast.

Whether traveling alone or with a group, business travelers are not on vacation. It’s business as usual for those on the road. Business hotels that allure the business travelers with business-themed, amenity loaded accommodations will ensure repeated bookings and happy business travelers.

What’s on your business traveler wish list? Comments welcome!