Whether you’re taking a trip across the world or across the state, having the right carry-on luggage is important. There are so many options — color, sizes and shapes of carry-ons — to choose from, so picking the right carry-on for your trip could prove challenging. To make the decision making process easier, it could be helpful to look for these key characteristics in your luggage.

The Samsonite Inova 20 Carry on Spinner Luggage

The Samsonite Inova 20 Carry on Spinner Luggage. Courtesy image

1. Carry-on luggage should be light weight.
The travel term we have heard time and time again is “travel light.” Sometimes it is hard to follow that advice with the plethora of travel necessities, but having a light-weight carry-on as you travel means that you won’t have to compromise the weight of your belongings due to bulky luggage. When considering light-weight carry-ons, look for luggage made out of polycarbonate which is a hard shell material that is both durable and light-weight. The Samsonite Inova 20” Carry on Spinner Luggage is an example of a light-weight bag that it is also easily maneuverable due to its multi-directional spinner wheels. Light-weight bags are easier to carry and move around, which is incredibly important when in a rush or walking a long distance.

2. Carry-on luggage should be durable.
Coinciding with being light-weight, luggage should be durable. Any traveler can tell you how susceptible their luggage is to bumps and bruises with each trip. Avid travelers view their luggage as investments because they do not want to constantly buy new luggage every year. Owning a carry-on that can last you for several years, despite the constant wear and tear, is important to consider when purchasing luggage. Nylon is a high strength, durable material that is able to endure wear, and the Samsonite Liftwo Wheeled Carry-On Boarding Bag is a good example of a durable luggage. Another feature to keep in mind is to have a bag that includes padded roll bars inside because it helps keep your clothing from wrinkling inside. The Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 21” Carry-On Spinner Luggage is a good example. When it comes to durability it is important to not only be protected on the outside but also from the inside as well.

Boconi Tyler Tumbled BROKERS Leather Messenger Bag

Boconi Tyler Tumbled BROKERS Leather Messenger Bag. Courtesy image

3. Carry-on luggage should be versatile.
Many travelers prefer to have over-the-shoulder bags as carry-on when they travel instead of rolling bags. The good thing about shoulder bags is that they provide a hands-free travel experience and allow travelers to access their belongings more easily. Versatility is an important consideration to make when choosing the right carry-on luggage for you. Shoulder bags are usually more versatile than rolling bags because they have an adjustable strap and many front and side pockets for storage. Another sleek feature is the backside piggy-back back pocket to slide over your luggage trolley handle. This makes it easier for the traveler to transport luggage with one hand. The Boconi Tyler Tumbled BROKERS Leather Messenger Bag is a great example of a versatile shoulder bag for those travelers who prefer to go hands free.

4. A carry-on should have a laptop compartment.
Having a padded laptop compartment is especially crucial for business travelers. Even if you are not traveling for business, many travelers like to have their laptops on board with them since most airlines provide a Wi-Fi service. The Samsonite Liftwo Wheeled Carry-On Boarding Bag also offers a padded laptop compartment. Being able to store your laptop safely in your carry-on is essential for today’s travelers.

5. Carry-on size does matter.
A main concern for travelers who have carry-on baggage is whether or not their luggage will fit in the overhead compartment. It is mandatory that all carry-on baggage fit in the predetermined overhead compartments or else the baggage will not be allowed with the passenger. Having a carry-on that fits into the overhead compartment and carries all of one’s belongings is an important factor in buying the right carry-on.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will select carry-on luggage that is light-weight, durable and versatile. You’ll also likely avoid buying a carry-on bag that does not fit your travel needs.

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