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SkyRoll on Wheels (courtesy image)

Why check luggage when you can use carry-on bags? But packing clothes so they don’t wrinkle is a challenge. And trying to keep your suit jacket relatively wrinkle-free is something that every business traveler considers.

For me, I haven’t even tempted to put a sport coat or suit jacket into a suitcase for quite some time. Instead, I pass it to a flight attendant if I’m in business or fold it carefully and place it into the overhead storage (as long as I can find a safe spot).

That may not be necessary if you use SkyRoll. While they aren’t new, they do have a unique system: a garment bag that wraps around the core of its luggage.

SkyRoll has four products: the SkyRoll Garment Bag, SkyRoll on Wheels, SkyRoll Spinner and the SkyRoll Toiletry Kit. The carry-on bags are designed to measure closely to 22″x14″x9″ (that will vary based on how much you put into the garment bag), and the fabric is made of 1200 denier ballistic polyester (a good level for durability).

I recently received a test sample of SkyRoll on Wheels for testing purposes (as the manufacturer’s return policy suggests before using it on any trip).

What is SkyRoll Garment Bag?

The garment bag is one of SkyRoll’s most unique features, and it’s used for each of the luggage options they offer. It clips to each of the different luggage options, so you start by packing this first by laying it on a flat surface (it zips open/closed).

Then, you pack your clothing (e.g., suits, pants, shirts and/or dresses) into  a garment bag that does not require. Place your items flat into the garment bag — do not fold. There’s also two other mesh pockets where you can store items, including ties, etc. When finished, just zip the garment bag closed and it will be ready to wrap around the suitcase portion after you’ve completed the rest of your packing (wrap it just tight enough to keep it in place, but not too tightly to avoid wrinkling your suit).

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SkyRoll garment bag (courtesy image)

A packed garment bag measures to 20.5″x48″ — good for longer dresses, if needed. SkyRoll also indicates that if a man’s suit jacket is wider than 42″, you will need to carefully fold in the shoulders slightly to fit. The garment bag for the SkyRoll on Wheels and the carry-on version of the Skyroll Garment Bag are slightly bigger.

How Does SkyRoll Work?

SkyRoll on Wheels is the traditional two-wheel option and SkyRoll Spinner is the traditional four-wheel option (both are roughly 9 pounds). These are what business travelers want. Both come with the garment bag, and the SkyRoll Spinner includes an internal pocket that’s padded and should hold your laptop (up to 17″).

The main suitcase is where you pack other items, such as your shoes, t-shirts, fitness wear, etc. The zipped opening appears to be small, but the luggage really does hold more than you would think.  When finished, that’s when you clip the garment bag to the suitcase and then roll the suitcase so that the garment bag wraps around it.

For those of you who are concerned about keeping fresh and used clothing separate (I’ve seen that occasionally online), an easy suggestion is to just slip a plastic bag into your luggage  (or use the plastic laundry bag from your room).

The suitcase also has an outer pocket and a top drawer space to store your toiletries or other small items.

SkyRoll Toiletry Kit for SkyRoll Luggage

Rather than having to squeeze your toiletries and other items to inside edges of your suitcase, SkyRoll roller bags include the toiletry kit — a sturdy, deep bag (uses the same materials as the suitcase) that also includes a mesh storage area at the top (10″x6″x3″).

What’s unique is that there’s a hook you can use to hang it in your hotel’s bathroom. That’s a nice feature. I’m not a fan of wanting to leave my toiletry bag on the counter and typically I return my toiletry bag to my suitcase anytime I travel. With this hook, there’s no need to worry about getting your toiletry bag wet, and it still keeps the bath area neat and clean.

The Verdict?

It my test, the main garment storage area reasonably held one suit (be careful with the arms and shoulders), two shirts, and two pants — plus, my two ties remained in very good condition without having to roll any of them. I left the items sit in the suitcase for more than a week.

In some of my research, I’ve noticed that people have commented that the garment bag can hold a lot of clothing. However, if you want to be relatively confident that your bag will meet airline carry-on requirements, I would travel as light as possible and just use the hotel laundry service if needed.

What’s also nice about the SkyRoll on Wheels is that both versions of the suitcase will work fine as small suitcases without the garment bag if you don’t need it for a trip.

Have you used SkyRoll? If so, share your experience with us.