Business Travel Destinations shares information about business travel to international destinations. The following will help answer many frequently asked questions about how destinations, marketers, public relations pros and others may work with us.

How do we approach and schedule our destination reviews?

We prefer to identify world class cities and resorts that we believe will interest our readers. Then, we research these locations to identify a limited number of preferred hotels, restaurants, activities and more. At this point we will typically contact tourist offices and hotels to extend an opportunity to assist and host our unique visit.

How may tourist offices invite us on press trips?

Tourism offices may invite Business Travel for participation in scheduled press trips. Tourism offices should notify us of press trips early in the planning process, and provide us with as much known detail as possible. We also request flexibility with our final itinerary. Business Travel prefers to customize its travel itineraries during a destination review to maximize content that will interest our readers. Business Travel Destinations does participate in press trips, but only on those programs that we believe may interest our readers.

How may hotels and resorts invite us for a review?

The marketing, public relations and sales departments of hotels and resorts are encouraged to share their good news with us, and may extend invitations for a full review. We ask that you provide as much information about your facilities, guest rooms, dining and more (e.g., renovations schedule). Also, please keep in mind that we select and review only a limited number of qualifying properties in any destination based on our criteria, and regret that we may not be able to fulfill all requests.

How may others invite us on familiarization trips for business event programs?

Business Travel Destinations attends many industry trade shows targeted to corporate meeting and event planners. Organizers of such shows will frequently work with local tourism offices to offer pre-tour and post-tour programs to serve as a site visit opportunity for qualifying event and meeting planners — important readers of our site. Program organizers may invite Business Travel Destinations as a hosted guest, as our business travel readers may consider our content as part of their research for destinations/shows where they cannot attend. We feel that much of this same information will also be viewed as helpful to our leisure travel readers.

What experiences do we prefer to have included in an itinerary for a press trip, tour or destination review?

We work to identify venues that deliver memorable leisure and business travel experiences for readers. We want to gain behind the scenes access to explore what’s available for a full range of experiences in any destination. Please feel free to familiarize yourself with our approach to reviewing similar destinations. Itinerary items should reflect those venues, activities and experiences that will provide our readers with an understanding of the “best” of everything the destination has to offer. As do our readers, we appreciate the value of private guides!

What should tourist offices and others expect from our attendance on a press or fam trip (tour)?

Attendance to an invited trip or destination review does not guarantee inclusion (or membership) on Business Travel Content on this site is based on its appropriateness for our readers. If we agree that travel information from a trip experience is appropriate, we will determine how and when that content will be shared with our readers.

Should others in the hospitality industry contact us with city guide ideas?

Yes! We want to hear from the travel and hospitality industries throughout North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Whether you represent dining, shopping, activities or nightlife in your area, please feel free to let us know about your destination and unique travel experiences available to our readers.

Should local event organizers contact us with city guide ideas?

Yes! We want to hear from those who represent local destinations throughout North America, Europe and elsewhere in the world. If you host annual events/festivals targeted to luxury and upscale travelers, please share that information with us. We are interested in knowing about these programs.

Should Destination Management Companies (DMCs) contact uss to promote the regions they represent?

Yes! We recognize the valuable role of DMCs and view such organizations as useful in helping our readers maximize their leisure and business travel experiences. Please provide us with more information about your company, preferred relationships with hotels and local attractions, etc. We try to evaluate a limited number of DMCs during destination reviews similarly to the way meeting planners will consider hiring a DMC. If we aren’t able to review DMCs during our initial stay in a destination, we will certainly be open to making appointments during future visits. Inclusion in our site is not guaranteed; however, some DMCs that demonstrate excellence during a site visit may be invited to participate as one of our Industry Members, an important designation for organizers of business travel.

What is the our travel policy?

As is common in the travel industry, Business Travel Destinations may be provided with complimentary or discounted accommodations, meals, flights, cruises, car rental, entertainment, etc. for the purpose of reviewing those services. While it does not influence our site content or guarantee coverage, we believe in full disclosure.

How should you contact Business Travel

You may write to us at RHCI, P.O. Box 4405, Chicago, IL USA 60680. Our preferred method of communication is by email at or you may call us at +00 1 312 663 4800. Thank you.