Spend a couple of hours at Jameson Distillery in Dublin and you’ll gain a better understanding and appreciation as to how malted and unmalted Irish barley and water can fuse into one of your favorite drinks. The process includes malting, milling, mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation.

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The Old Jameson Distillery shares the story of how John Jameson started his distillery in 1770, and the rest – as they say – was history.

Many people believe that whiskey was first distilled in Scotland, but the Jameson Distillery tour will teach you that this Scot started the process in Ireland.

More importantly, your tour ends with a Jameson drink of your choice and a whiskey comparison tasting for a few lucky volunteers (unfortunately, I wasn’t selected). And you can stay longer and enjoy lunch in the restaurant there.

If your interest is planning an event, the Old Jameson Distillery is a great idea. There are several different rooms, and it certainly seems like a perfect opportunity for some Irish hospitality. And the Jameson Distillery hosts its own special events and evenings, so check out their schedule if you’re in or heading to Dublin.

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Have you been to the Jameson Distillery and/or taken the tour? Share your insights here! Thanks.