Oxygen Bars for Events

Two key benefits of having an oxygen bar include leaving your guests feeling refreshed and energized. Oxygen bars are rented for trade shows, special events, hospitality, rave parties and more. Photo Courtesy of Oasis Oxygen Bars

Have you ever noticed those oxygen bars in shopping malls and at other community attractions? A few people are usually sitting in front of a stool sipping oxygen and having a good time?

Well, oxygen bars have also been showing up at business events. Quickly becoming popular at trade shows, special events and in hospitality suites, oxygen bars provide a central gathering spot for event attendees – and your guests probably won’t slip out early because they are tired. All kidding aside, oxygen bars certainly offer a unique event idea for meetings.

“As far as event attractions go, I knew we had something special when our oxygen bars booth at the Florida Chiropractic Association Convention won ‘Best In Show’,” says Cullen Cameron, director at Oasis Oxygen Bars. “The marketing manager said we made her a hero with her bosses!”

So what should you know about oxygen bars if you want to consider an oxygen bar at one of your meetings or events? Cullen offers the following insights.

  1. Oxygen bars take up minimum space.
    Oxygen bars only take up 7′ x 4′ of space, so they fit into almost any site plan.

  2. Oxygen bars require only 5 minutes.

    This is the average amount of time that people sit at an oxygen bar during events. It captivates an audience for an unprecedented time allowing for valuable sales time, and the guest leaves feeling refreshed and uplifted as a result of the event.

  3. Oxygen bars serve up to 60 guests per hour.

    Based on five minute intervals, each station at an oxygen bar will supply up to 15 guests at your event, so a four station oxygen bar will serve as many as 180 guests during a three hour program.

  4. Oxygen bars may incorporate logo signage.

    Some premium oxygen bar companies offer customization of their stations to place a company logo or sales message. The nicer oxygen bars will feature custom colored bubble walls (to fit décor) and mult-colored bubbling stations to create an attention grabbing, ultra-cool effect.

  5. Oxygen bars require minimal electricity.

    Oxygen bars typically run on standard power plug (e.g., a 110v outlet). The bars draw less than 15 amps!

  6. Oxygen bars leave guests feeling refreshed.

    Those who breathe from the oxygen bar typically experience the following benefits: feeling uplifted, refreshed, renewed energy, improved concentration and detoxification (aids in knocking out toxic headaches- hangovers). Oxygen bars also have the option of incorporating aromatherapy infused with the oxygen!

  7. Rent an oxygen bar from a turnkey bar service.

    Look for companies that offer turnkey oxygen bar service, leaving you with nothing to rent from the venue! Also, check out the supplier’s reputation by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Cullen explains that event planners interested in finding an oxygen bar rental service can rely on the Internet by typing in “oxygen bars” and the location of their event. Many results will likely appear. Another way to find an oxygen bar rental service is to rely on a national company because they can handle the logistics anyway (including international).

But whether renting from a local or national service, always confirm a supplier’s insurance and references.

“The things to keep in mind when considering a local rather than a national service is the track record of the supplier. Do they have references and do they have insurance? Also, photos of the actual equipment is a good idea. In our industry like many others, there are some bad apples — people using non oxygen generators, people not showing up, etc.”

Event planning tip: If possible, view the equipment yourself or ask if you can subtly check out when another client is actually using their equipment.