The London 2012 and Paralympic Games will take place in less than three years. I had a chance to see the construction of the London 2012 Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium in February, and an amazing amount of work was already completed to recover and recycle more than 90 percent of the waste that existed on that land. Check out the progress:

Around the Olympic Stadium site, which is being built on a compact island surrounded by water on three sides, five new bridges are being built to create essential new links in Games time and legacy. Construction work is now underway on 21 bridges in total, and more than 30 new bridges will be built in the Olympic Park altogether.

Work is also progressing well to create essential new links into the Aquatics Centre site. A new bridge that will form the main route into the Aquatics Centre site for visitors during the London 2012 Games and in legacy has now been lifted into place.

Along with the construction of new bridges, work is also now underway to construct the Olympic Park Loop Road – a new 12km road that circles the Olympic Park site. In Games-time, the Loop Road will connect the Olympic Village to each venue in the Olympic Park, giving competitors and officials easy and quick access. In legacy, the road will provide access around the Olympic Park and other developments for pedestrians and vehicles.

Originally published September 01, 2009