More than 17% of Delat Airlines flights arrived late between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). So this reinforces the importance of checking the Delta Airlines flight status when booking your flight or before heading to the airport.

Delta Airlines had a total of 735,865 flights during this time period. BTS tracks the flight status of airlines in depth, so let’s take a look at the flight status of late arriving flights for Delta Airlines more closely:

  • Total flights arriving late: 128,099
  • Average departure delay: 46.59 minutes
  • Average taxi-out time: 26.69 minutes
  • Average scheduled departure to take-off: 73.28 minutes
  • Average arrival delay: 55.74 minutes
  • Average airborne time: 127.87 minutes
  • Average taxi-in minutes: 10.32 minutes

Causes behind those Delta Airlines flight status delays vary. Do you think weather has the biggest impact? Think again. BTS identifies the causes for delays at the destination as follows (average in minutes):

  • Carrier: 18.24 minutes
  • Weather: 2.60 minutes
  • National Aviation System: 15.37 minutes
  • Security: .02 minutes
  • Late aircraft arrival: 17.50 minutes

To be sure, most flights depart on time. In fact, the average departure delay of all flights during this time period was only 7.60 minutes. The other reason it’s important to check Delta Airlines flight status is because cancelled flights are another reality. There were 12,949 flights cancelled during this time — about 1.76% of all flights.

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