111 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago IL 60603 Map

Hours:Monday-Wednesday 10:30–5:00
Thursday 10:30–8:00 (Free 5:00–8:00)
Friday 10:30–5:00
Saturday 10:00–5:00
Sunday 10:00–5:00

The Art Institute of Chicago combines internationally acclaimed artwork with fantastic architecture. This Chicago activity is a major focal point for the world of creativity and ingenuity. The Art Institute of Chicago also caters to many different types of visitors, from children to adults, through unique and fascinating tours.

For business travel and event planning, the Art Institute of Chicago provides a variety of custom excursions. Tours include interactive and through explanations of not only the symbolism and facts of the painting, but also the historical context. A tour will view familiar and famous pieces created by cosmopolitan artists.

This Chicago activity was opened 1879 and houses over 5,000 years of artwork. The academy also produces some of the finest contemporary artists and masterpieces. A world renowned museum and school await the Chicago visitor to this outstanding destination.