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Happy New Year! That said, most people have probably forgotten the holiday break and are focused on 2010’s mixed challenges. The results of FutureWatch 2010 by American Express and Meeting Professionals International have been released, and they confirm the mood that most people are being challenged to do more with less. And that’s why this month’s newsletter focuses on top planning considerations for business travel in 2010. We hope you enjoy this brief update and become an active member in our community. Follow us at


What You Should Know in Business Travel

Business Travel Critics Not Invited to 2010 Meetings & Events

Last year, many organizations in the U.S. canceled planned business travel, meetings and events because they wanted to avoid unwarranted political and social criticism. What should we learn from this? Maybe that it’s a good time to stay focused on the basics: grow brand awareness, educate constituents, enhance business development, bring products to market and expand profits. (read more)

2010 Business Travel Budgets Increase for Business Meetings

When it comes to projecting 2010 business travel budgets, experts say that some of the challenges experienced in 2009 will continue – especially as it relates to travel and entertainment budgets for corporate transient travel. However, there may be good news for business travel budgets used for corporate and association meetings and events. Christine Duffy, president and chief executive officer for Maritz Travel, St. Louis, MO, shares her perspective of being cautiously optimistic.
(read more)

GMIC Conference: Organizations to Adopt Green Meetings Strategy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is viewed as an emerging opportunity for the business travel and meetings industry. The Green Meetings Industry Council (GMIC) plans to outline the value of creating innovative business models designed for sustainability and measuring/demonstrating the positive social and environmental impacts of CSR at its annual conference, February 9-11, 2010 in Denver, CO. (read more)


Lobby at Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France.

Spotlight on Hotel Martinez, Cannes, France  

Hotel Martinez is a symbol of French style and elegance, and many hype this luxury hotel. With its ideal location on the Croisette, Hotel Martinez is a great place for business travelers who want to experience the coast of the charming French Riviera. For meetings and events, the hotel offers 15 multipurpose rooms normally used for conferences, meetings, and banquets. Hotel Martinez is one of the larger hotels in Cannes that is able to offer meeting space for as many as 1,000 guests. (read more)


What You Should Know About Eco-Friendly Promo Products

Whether you’re new to the idea of green promotional products and wanting to consider the alternatives or if you’re intent on developing an eco-friendly model for your promotional and client gifts, it’s important to understand what eco-friendly means. From biodegradable and reusable shopping bags to apparel made of soy or bamboo, with a vocabulary of 21 concepts, you’ll be able to hold a reasonable conversation with your promotional vendor or internal clients. (read more)
Build your eco-friendly knowledge, and let us know if we may provide you with a quote! shares travel views for planning or attending business events to international destinations. Our site shares business travel trends, tips, hotels, airlines, itineraries, deals, destinations, venues, event industry updates and more. Please feel free to reach out with comments, and we look forward to earning your loyalty.


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