by Rob Hard
Wednesday March 24 2010

Given the number of airport security rules that can quickly change, business travelers are always sharing their air travel tips and advice with each other because it only takes one security risk to remind us about how airline travel may be impacted.

After the Christmas bomber incident, Don Sadler of was curious about how business travelers can prepare before heading to the airport for a business trip. I shared a few basic tips:

  • Avoid flights between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  • Rely on carry on baggage whenever possible.
  • Ship materials separately to/from your meetings.
  • Pack clothing in the same color to maximize use.
  • Rely on a shuttle, taxi or family member for airport drop off.
  • Arrive early to allow for airport security time.

Check out Don’s recent column, Air travel and security in the post-“undie-bomber” world.

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