CHICAGO, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — While business travelers have endured economic and other challenges these last few years, 2013 seems as if it may be the turning point that will influence where, when and how business executives and others meet in the future. This, according to 2013 Predictions for International Business Travel, Meeting and Events, a report released by

“Business travelers are placing a greater emphasis on why they need to travel, and that is helping them to better demonstrate a clear return on investment,” says Rob Hard, publisher and editor of

Many countries around the world – including the U.S. – are also showing signs of recovery in their business tourism sectors, and they are preparing to attract greater numbers of international business travelers.

Hard says that these factors are coming together at the same time to create an optimistic environment. 10 travel industry predictions for 2013 include:

1. Business travelers will travel more than ever and meet globally.

2. Barcelona, Berlin, Las Vegas, London, Orlando, Shanghai and Singapore will be top cities, among others.

3. Business travel will have a greater focus on content and purpose.

4. Technology will complement travel, not replace it.

5. Business travelers will focus more on wellness when on the road.

6. Local experts will enhance the travel and meeting experience.

7. Air fares will remain reasonable, globally.

8. Hotel prices will increase the most in North America.

9. Business travel will be recognized as a revenue generator.

10. Business meetings and events will contribute to the creation of new travel industry jobs.

“It also helps that there is now a greater level of acceptance by local and national governments that business travel is favorable for communities and their economies,” Hard adds.

In 2012, more people internationally than ever – surpassing one billion travelers. That was an important milestone. Industry data also shows that travel will continue to expand each year through 2021.

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