Event planners typically work with speakers bureaus to hire keynote speakers for their general sessions. Most meeting and event planners understand that selecting the right professional speaker takes time because of the required internal approvals and making sure that the speaker “fits” with the overall message of the program.

Of course, there are many other steps involved to make sure that the value behind this investment pays off. And speakers bureau agent Barrett Cordero understands this. From tips to staying organized during the planning phases through ideas that can be incorporated both during and after the event itself, Cordero offers many tips to help event planners:

  • Scheduling planning calls.
  • Providing speakers with meeting objectives.
  • Scheduling time between management and speakers prior to event.
  • Allow time for QA as part of session.

Check out more about these tips and others about how to hire with speakers bureaus and professional speakers.

Courtesy image: Barrett Cordero