Whether you call them promotional items or tchotchkes, these products really do help promote your business or organization in an efficient and cost effective way.

In any given city at any given time of the week there are dozens of small and large trade shows, conferences, meetings and events happening. Planners require a significant number of promotional items for their trade shows, too — everything from appreciation gifts for their sponsors to annual awards for their attendees.

Courtesy of Advantages Magazine

(Courtesy of Advantages Magazine)

For the promotional products industry, meetings and meeting planners are a big deal.

So, when Jean Erickson of Advantages magazine, a leading publication in the advertising specialties space, recently reached out to me for some insights about how the meetings industry is doing and how meeting professionals are using promotional items these days, I was happy to share my opinions.

After all, the marketing arm of Business Travel Destinations also helps clients with identifying and sourcing  individually branded gifts and merchandise to distribute to their customers and members — including meetings, incentives, conventions and special events.

Some highlights that we shared include:

  • Events create personal connections, positive business outcomes and strong communities.
  • Give away a variety of items at different price points, and raffle a higher-end gift or award.
  • Promotional items should reflect your brand and purpose, and have a longer shelf life.
  • Share the full set of logos, your event’s artwork and corporate pantone colors.

It’s also helpful to work closely with your promotional vendor early, and most event planners think about their promotional needs at three different times:

  • When planning their needs for the year.
  • When at the beginning stages of planning a specific event.
  • When last minute requests arise.

The events industry is in a good position today when it comes to meetings and conventions, but that didn’t happen overnight. It’s due in large part to the hard working efforts of meeting professionals everywhere and the representation of the U.S. Travel Association and others in the business tourism sector.

Learn more about what you need to know about promotional items. Click here for a copy of the full article: “Face to Face Encounters: Meetings and events present key corporate marketing strategies to accomplish business goals,” Mid-September issue of Advantages.

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