It’s no secret that Americans like traveling to Spain and elsewhere in Europe. While we missed it last summer, we don’t have to miss it this year. With a large population in the U.S. now vaccinated, there is good news: U.S. travelers are welcome.

Spain led the way to limit travel restrictions imposed on U.S. travelers this month.  In fact, you no longer have to show proof of vaccination upon entry! Travelers need to fill out a Spain health questionnaire prior to departure.

Check Spain’s travel safe site for the latest information on travel requirements.

What Can You Do in Spain This Summer?

Spain offers a wide range of activities and experiences. Here’s our summer recommendations to get you started:

  • Madrid: Shop along Calle Gran Vía, spend time at the Prado Museum and enjoy tapas at San Miguel Market near Plaza Mayor
  • Barcelona: Stroll the streets of the Gothic Quarter (the Picasso Museum is a must), visit La Sagrada Família and enjoy Park Güell
  • Malaga: Charter a catamaran for an sea amazing view, book a food tour through the city and step back in time at the Automobile Museum
  • Cordoba: Wander the narrow streets and shops of the Jewish quarter,  visit the ruins of Medina al-Zahara and dine on all local cuisine
  • Valencia: Learn how to make paella Valenciana, visit the Lladro Museum and shop in Valencia’s 2000 year old historic center

Can Americans Travel Elsewhere in Europe?

The European Commission has established reopening travel measures for countries outside the European Union, such as the United States, within the European Union and outside countries and that list continues to expand.

Some popular countries are open, though it varies with different restrictions. These include France, Germany and Italy.

In addition, more “lax” Covid-19 entry rules were put in place quite early for those who wish to visit Croatia, Greece. Ireland opened its travel borders to Americans earlier as well, though they implemented movement restrictions.

To be sure, the European Commission plans to encourage the adoption of a digital certificate to confirm who is vaccinated. Until then, each member country will establish its own rules.

Before you book travel, check each country’s Covid rules, including their expectations for unvaccinated children who may be traveling with adults. They will likely be asked to show a negative Covid-19 test.