Tuesday 01 July 2014

With one month remaining before the end of the Dot London launch phase, Londoners and London-based businesses are being urged to take advantage of the priority application process and secure their ideal Dot London web address.

Dot London Launch at Trafalgar Square

Applications for Dot London domain names began on April 29 marking the start of the three-month launch period during which Londoners and London-based businesses will receive priority in the application process. Those who have applied through the ICANN trademark clearing house will also be given priority. The launch period will close at the end of July.

Demand for Dot London domain names has been strong with registrars, companies that sell domain names reporting brisk business. It is anticipated that more than 50,000 applications for Dot London domain names will be made by the end of the priority period *. Demand is expected to be even higher when Dot London domains go on general sale September 9.

Until recently people could only choose from 22 so-called generic top-level domains (‘gTLDs’) such as dot com and dot org. However, ICANN, the global internet body is releasing more than one thousand new gTLDs – including Dot London – as part of a major expansion of the internet domain space. Londoners choosing to register a new Dot London domain name will receive a web address that is more relevant, easy to remember and instantly identifies them as being located in London.

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional organisations for London said: “When we launched Dot London we wanted to ensure that Londoners had first choice of the new domain names. Two months into the priority period and it’s clear than many tens of thousands of Londoners have already taken advantage. I would urge anyone in London who’s considering a Dot London domain name to take advantage of the last few weeks of the priority period and secure their chosen domain name before someone else does.”

A number of leading London businesses have already set up Dot London websites as part of a pioneer programme to showcase the new domain. They include brands such as: London Symphony Orchestra, Nimax Theatres, Fortnum Mason, Techhub, Metro Bank and Meantime Brewing.

To celebrate its role as a Dot London pioneer, Meantime Brewing has released 100,000 bottles of limited edition Dot London lager (image available see notes to editors). Nick Miller, Chief Executive of Meantime Brewing said: “It’s been really important for us to be part of Dot London. Our roots are here in the capital but we now export to dozens of countries all over the world and having a Dot London website means our customers can see that we are part of this great city. It makes sense to me that London businesses should have a website that is inherently part of the city where they’re based and do business.”

Dot London and Minds + Machines have partnered with five leading registrars, GoDaddy, 11, 123-reg, Centralnic and Fasthosts to come together in one place – www.makeit.london – to market and sell Dot London domain names.

Richard Stevenson, spokesman for 11 Internet, Europe’s largest domain name registrar said: “There’s been a rapid response to the London Priority Period, with a great many London-based businesses and individuals showing enthusiasm and plans to secure a London web identity. From our recent work with London firms, it’s clear that the Dot London domain comes has struck a chord and is a credible choice for the great majority of Londoners.” 

Nick Leech, Group Marketing Director of internet registrar 123-reg.co.uk said: ”Since the launch of the priority phase In April, we have seen a significant increase in consumer awareness of Dot London domains. It has been one of the most popular traffic sources for us; with 88% of all specific gTLD traffic coming directly to the Dot London page. We fully expect to maintain this level of interest as we move into General Availability”

Notes to Editors

* Figures are a projection based on current applications.

An image of the Dot London lager from Meantime Brewing is available to download here

London Priority Period runs from 29 April until 31 July 2014, anybody with an interest in London can apply for a Dot London domain name. Allocation of names will depend on a priority ranking. The following priority ranking will be used:

  • Trademarks verified with ICANN’s Trademark Clearinghouse database
  • Londoners (those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs) with rights to a name (such as proof of business or trading name)
  • Londoners (those with a physical address in the City of London or its 32 boroughs)
  • Non-Londoners

During August 2014, Dot London will allocate names according to priority ranking. Domain names with a single applicant will be allocated first. In cases where there is more than one applicant in the same priority ranking for the same domain name, an auction will decide who will get the name. Validation will be used to assess where applicants fall in the priority ranking.

Dot London will move to General Availability September 9

About Dot London:

London Partners has set up a subsidiary, Dot London Domains Ltd, to operate the new registry. It has procured a Registry Services Provider, Minds + Machines, which is working in partnership to set up and operate the domain.  Dot London will operate on a commercial basis and any surplus profits will be re-invested for the benefit of London.

More information can be found at http://dotlondondomains.london

About Minds + Machines Group Limited

Minds + Machines Group Limited is a publicly traded operating company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange focused on the new generic top level domain (‘New gTLD’) space. Top level domains, such as .com and .net, are regulated by ICANN. ICANN is currently expanding the number of new generic top-level domains from the current 23 to over 1000 through its ‘New gTLD program’. The Group is one of the leading applicants for, and owner and operator of, new gTLDs under this programme.

About Minds + Machines’ Registry and Registrar operations

Minds + Machines’ registry operations are delivered by its wholly owned registry services providers: Minds + Machines Limited (Ireland), which works internationally with commercial organizations, cities, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs to operate New gTLDs; and Minds and Machines Limited (UK), which partners with the official promotional organization for London, London Partners, to operate the Dot London New gTLD. In addition, the Group wholly owns Minds + Machines Registrar Limited (Ireland) and Minds and Machines Registrar UK Limited, each an ICANN accredited registrar through which the public can buy domain names in new and existing top level domains. Further information on Minds + Machines’ registry and registrar operations can be found at www.mm-registry.com and www.mindsandmachines.com, respectively.

About ICANN: 
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages internet domains. It was founded in 1998 and is responsible for the internet’s system of unique identifiers and ensures the internet’s stability and security.

More information can be found at http://www.icann.org

Media Enquiries:

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