Tuesday 29 April 2014

Dot London, the new domain for London, launches today marking the first time that businesses, organisations and individuals can apply for a web address ending in .london as an alternative to .com or .co.uk.

Dot London Launch at Trafalgar Square

There is already a high level of interest in the new Dot London domain. Internet registrars – companies that sell domain names – say they have collected more than 50,000 expressions of interest from people keen to secure their chosen Dot London address even before they have gone on sale.

Today marks the beginning of a three-month period during which Londoners and London businesses will be given priority in applying for a domain name. Trademark holders also receive priority.

By acquiring a Dot London address individuals, businesses, museums, shops, theatres and galleries will receive a domain name that is easy to remember and instantly identifies them as being located in London or having an association with the city.

Kit Malthouse, Deputy Mayor of London for Business and Enterprise and Chairman of London Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional organisation for London said, “Londoners have a real sense of pride in their city and when we’ve talked to them about Dot London, they’re really excited about the prospect of putting London right at the heart of their businesses and online branding. The fact that there have already been more than fifty thousand expressions of interest in Dot London gives us real confidence that our city’s new domain will be a huge success.”

Antony Van Couvering, Chief Executive of Minds + Machines, the commercial partner of Dot London said, “The introduction of new domains presents an enormous opportunity for businesses to overhaul their branding and become more relevant to their customers.  A Dot London web address captures the essence of London as a powerhouse of business and innovation. It’s encouraging to see how many Londoners understand how much they can gain by associating themselves more closely with one of the world’s leading brands.”

In 2013 London Partners, with the support of the Mayor of London, secured the new Dot London domain in a deal with ICANN, the global internet body.  Over the next couple of years ICANN is set to release more than one thousand new generic top-level domains in response to demand for more relevant internet addresses, representing the biggest expansion of the domain space for decades.

Dot London has made it as easy as possible for people to apply for a domain by creating a bespoke registrar site –  www.makeit.london – operated by Minds + Machines and complete with links to other Internet registrars.

Matt Mansell, Group Managing Director of 123-reg.co.uk said, “We’ve had thousands and thousands of expressions of interest in the new top-level domains but Dot London stands out as one of the most popular.”

Robert Hoffmann, CEO Hosting, 11 Internet Ltd, said, “We have already seen a high level of take up for Dot London. London as a brand is so strong and viewed internationally across many business sectors as popular, trusted, and prestigious.  These values can now be utilised to the advantage of businesses right across the Capital”.

Stefano Maruzzi, Vice President of GoDaddy EMEA said, “We are really excited to be partnered with Dot London. It is a big day for business. Today marks the day that individuals and companies across the world will be able to register for a new domain that will directly associate them with the UK’s capital. Dot London is a great way for businesses to promote themselves alongside a booming brand synonymous with innovation, creativity and drive.”

Ben Crawford, Chief Executive of CentralNic Group said, “Just like London itself, websites using Dot London domains will immediately become top destinations for online visitors from every corner of the world.”

A pioneer programme being run by Dot London means that the first Dot London websites are already going live. The first Dot Londoners include TechHub (www.techhub.london), Metro Bank (www.metrobank.london), Meantime Brewing (www.meantime.london), Fortnum Mason (www.fortnumandmason.london), Scoff and Banter (www.scoffandbanter.london).

Craig Donaldson, Chief Executive of Metro Bank said, “Metro Bank started its journey to revolutionise banking nearly four years ago. Now with 26 stores across London and the South East, we work with more than 300,000 personal and business customers and we’ve created more than 1,000 careers for people in and around London. As a bank that truly supports and represents London and its many diverse communities, the decision to partner with Dot London was an easy one, and we’re honoured to be the first bank involved. Our new metrobank.london site will showcase our work in local communities and the people who matter most to us – our customers.”

Siraj Singh, Director of e-commerce at the Edwardian Group London said, “London is an incredibly strong brand and London is part of our DNA. Dot London is a perfect platform for us to showcase some of our exclusive London concepts. Our Scoff and Banter restaurants are some of the best in London and our signature pies are a foodie favourite.  This seems to sum up London on a plate so it’s a fantastic fit for us to launch our first Dot London website.”

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About Dot London:

London Partners has set up a subsidiary, Dot London Domains Ltd to operate the new registry. It has procured a Registry Services Provider, Minds + Machines, which is working in partnership to set up and operate the domain.  Dot London will operate on a commercial basis and any surplus profits will be re-invested for the benefit of London.

There are guidelines set out by ICANN for new top-level domains that cover areas such as disputes, complaints, the protection of trademark holders and law enforcement.

More information can be found at http://dotlondondomains.london

About Minds + Machines Group Limited

Minds + Machines Group Limited is a publicly traded operating company listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange focused on the new generic top level domain (‘New gTLD’) space. Top level domains, such as .com and .net, are regulated by ICANN. ICANN is currently expanding the number of new generic top-level domains from the current 23 to over 1000 through its ‘New gTLD program’. The Group is one of the leading applicants for, and owner and operator of, new gTLDs under this programme.

About Minds + Machines’ Registry and Registrar operations

Minds + Machines’ registry operations are delivered by its wholly owned registry services providers: Minds + Machines Limited (Ireland), which works internationally with commercial organizations, cities, not-for-profits and entrepreneurs to operate New gTLDs; and Minds and Machines Limited (UK), which partners with the official promotional organization for London, London Partners, to operate the Dot London New gTLD. In addition, the Group wholly owns Minds + Machines Registrar Limited (Ireland) and Minds and Machines Registrar UK Limited, each an ICANN accredited registrar through which the public can buy domain names in new and existing top level domains. Further information on Minds + Machines’ registry and registrar operations can be found at www.mm-registry.com and www.mindsandmachines.com, respectively.

About ICANN: 
The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages internet domains. It was founded in 1998 and is responsible for the internet’s system of unique identifiers and ensures the internet’s stability and security.

More information can be found at http://www.icann.org


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