March is great month: we get a bit more daylight in the evening with the changing of the clock, and we get to enjoy a pint on St. Patrick’s Day. I thought i’d also highlight that as many meeting professionals know, there are several international meetings and events trade shows scheduled throughout the year. But March this year is when International Confex is scheduled in London. If you are not familiar, International Confex brings together event planners with event venues, destinations and other services — hosted in the UK.

And speaking of conferences, Conexion Spain is a virtual online exhibition of Spanish destinations, hotels, event venues and services that kicks off this month. Meeting professionals have an opportunity to go online and participate in their virtual exhibit which will be open all year long this year. It starts March 12 and goes through December 31, 2012. Business Travel Destinations will participate as an exhibitor, so check out the online exhibit and contact us there! And if you have questions about Spain, we may know the answer or can put you in touch with someone else who does. What is your favorite Spanish city? Write to us and tell us why!

If you are searching for a full year calendar, check out our 2012 calendar of holidays and international events. If you are searching for important March 2012 calendar items, consider the following:

March 2012 Holidays and Events

  • March 6 (Tuesday), International Confex (London; through March 8th)
  • March 11 (Sunday), Daylight Savings Time starts at 2 a.m. (USA)
  • March 15 (Thursday), Las Fallas (Valencia, Spain; ends March 19)
  • March 15 (Thursday), Dubai International Arabian Horse Championship (Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, through March 17)
  • March 17 (Saturday), St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 18 (Sunday), Mothering Day (UK)
  • March 21 (Wednesday), Benito Juarez’s Birthday (Mexico)
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  • March 25 (Sunday), Barcelona Marathon
  • March 30 (Friday), Semana Santa (Holy Week, local special events held in Spain, through April 8th)
  • March 31, April 2 (Saturday, Monday), Final Four (New Orleans, LA, USA; Louisiana Superdome)

If you know about other important March 2012 holidays and events, please post a comments about them here. We’re interested in sharing more details about holidays around the world as well as major conferences, festivals and other events your your city! Thank you.