by Rob Hard
Tuesday June 15 2010

My business travel view, “What Business Travelers Should Expect at Green Hotels and Sustainable Conferences” explores this in more depth.

People are beginning to consider what sustainable choices they may want to consider or expect when traveling for business and attending conferences, and that’s a good thing.

Many business travelers have already changed some of their habits while traveling on the road – perhaps bringing their own amenities, reducing shower time and/or closing draperies when leaving the room to conserve energy. They’re asking questions about what initiatives hotels may be taking, and making conscious choices to stay at green hotels that have taken sustainable measures.

While some organizations and individuals may feel great that they have been early adopters of sustainability, others shouldn’t feel is as they are behind at all.

Subtle changes can make a big impact, and sustainability advocates in the business travel industry are making progress by sourcing food locally, composting waste, recycling, and adopting energy conservation measures, among others.

The bottom line is that green business travel isn’t necessarily as unfamiliar as some business travelers or others may think.

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