Live meetings or online meetings?

For those who do not feel that live meetings will net the intended results, the technology certainly exists today to create online meetings instead. And many organizations have adopted a culture of online meetings that wasn’t even possible just a few years ago. But the decision for online meetings has been driven in part by reducing the overall cost of live meetings. And that may not be the best way to justify the technology.

Our road warrior Mark Peacock recently explored this question from a business traveler’s perspective. In Why Video Conferencing or Telepresence Cannot Replace Business Travel, Mark explains why business travelers are the ones who know when to deliver messages face-to-face or when it may be more appropriate to hold conversations by phone or video conferencing.

In a related piece, Live Meetings or Online Meetings, I approached the same question from an event planning perspective. It seems that we need to go back to the basics to determine which format makes the most sense on a program by program basis. That decision should be based on how well each may contribute to organizational goals and generatie revenue for the bottom line, not just cost savings by reducing a line item operating expense (even if it is a costly annual conference).

Perhaps increased attendance at the industry’s international trade shows for organizing meetings may be a factor in predicting a sign of things to come. IMEX 2011 in Frankfurt (this month) is expected to set record attendance levels, and the creation of two new international meetings and travel industry shows in the U.S. this year (IMEX America and AIBTM) prove that organizations will increase their interest in meeting face-to-face around the globe.

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