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Get two years of visibility.

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The basic fees noted here reflect a standard listing page. We travel and review destinations and businesses on a regular basis; however, there are extra fees requested to sponsor a review. The content on our site is highly curated in advance. Please contact us for more details.

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If at any time you wish to remove your feature, please contact us with your circumstances. Featured pages are not viewed as advertisements; they are pages that have been sponsored. We reserve the final right to determine what appears on our site.

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Business Travel Destinations is based on our qualified reviews, so that means we travel and are frequently hosted. We are selective as to where we stay and the things we do on the road. Our hosts find value in being sponsors behind our features and in-depth reviews. While this does not influence our final reviews, but we believe in full disclosure. Hosted visits are not a guarantee of coverage. We determine the timeline as to when content will appear based on our business priorities. Find out more details on our FAQ Guide Reviews page. And contact us for custom details.

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Media Kit Details recognizes that strong brands are seeking to associate themselves with credible, quality content on the Internet. Our site distinguishes itself by sharing engaging content for meeting planners, business travelers and hospitality professionals. We profile international destinations for business travel, meetings and events. We also share business travel news and industry insights.

We receive roughly 150,000 – 175,000 page views per month (2014 data), and accept a limited number of site sponsors that meet our criteria.

We do not accept advertising, but do accept site sponsors who support our editorial focus. Please contact us for more information. Thank you!


The U.S. is our primary market, and we have an international readership:

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  • Between the ages of 25-54+; Household Income at USD $95,000+
  • Professional/Managerial (or higher)
  • International Travel (2+/year); Domestic Travel (3+/year)
  • Participates in airline and hotel reward programs