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About Us

If you ask business travelers and executives why they attend meetings, conferences, incentives, exhibitions and other special events, you’ll probably learn they travel because it helps them achieve organizational goals: growing brand awareness, educating constituents, enhancing business development, bringing products to market, expanding profits, and so on. When managed properly, return on investment is proven and assumed.

You’ll probably also learn that business travelers are a group who appreciate the hard work and resources provided behind the scenes. After all, the money invested in these programs goes to the meetings and hospitality industries, and where they direct their budgets – not the business travelers themselves.


BusinessTravelDestinations.com is our online resource that shares insights and reviews for business travelers who attend events, meeting professionals who plan events, and the hospitality professionals behind the success of those events. We are committed to serving as a trusted resource that inspires the best in travel.

RH Communications, Inc., publisher of BusinessTravelDestinations.com, has established some important strategic business alliances in the business tourism industry to represent the needs of our readers. We will continue to travel and keep you posted.

Thank you for reading and sharing your comments on our site!

Rob Hard, Publisher & Editor

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