68 percent of materials at Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center are recycled


LAS VEGAS – The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) set a record in 2012 by recycling 68 percent or 3,288 tons of materials at the Las Vegas Convention Center and Cashman Center. The amount of items recycled is roughly the equivalent of diverting 14.5 Statues of Liberty or 651 schools buses from landfills.


"We committed to a comprehensive recycling program in 2006, and we continue to improve our systems to recycle more and more items," said Taryle Spain, director of client services for the LVCVA, operators of the LVCC and Cashman Center.  "We have made a commitment at both the convention center and Cashman Center to being environmentally-friendly facilities, and by working closely with our vendors, trade show partners and local charitable organizations, we’re having great success."


The LVCVA partners with Evergreen Recycling, a subsidiary of Republic Services, to sort and recycle materials during and after trade shows in the building.  Evergreen is able to recycle materials such as carpet and padding, metals, glass, cardboard, plastic and wood that is used during trade shows at the facility. 


The 2012 rate is four percentage points higher than the 2011 recycle rate. Several adjustments helped the LVCVA to reach the new rate, including improved logistics and automation at Evergreen’s recycle center and partnering with the local nonprofit Repurpose America to provide an additional option for repurposing a wide variety of materials back into the community through innovative ideas and practices. Repurpose America has used post show materials to create shading structures at local schools and provided items to the local artists for community projects, among many other sustainable and creative uses. 


"Repurpose AMERICA is working with the LVCVA and their partners to lead the way towards zero waste," said Zach Delbex, CEO of Repurpose America. "Together, we are reinvesting in our community, reducing budgets, creating new jobs and new industries while protecting the environment."


In addition to the successful recycling program, the LVCVA also utilizes environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies, energy-efficient lighting, is an Energy Star Partner, participates in the Water Sense program and is a partner in the EPA’s WasteWise Program.


The Las Vegas Convention Center is one of the busiest facilities in the country hosting 55 of the top 250 largest trade shows in North America, more than the next two competitors combined, according to Trade Show News Network.

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