The Chicago South Loop is one of the city’s most vibrant and thriving neighborhoods today. And if you enjoy walking, joining the Chicago South Loop Explorers — a new Meetup group we created — may be the right group for you. And it’s free.

The South Loop is packed with unique things to do. I walk the South Loop all the time and felt it would be fun to invite others to join me. So, I created the group.

The Chicago South Loop Explorers is meant for anyone who lives in the South Loop, those who want to get to know the South Loop better or are visitors to Chicago.

The group has scheduled two kinds of walking events: “Best in the South Loop” and “Local Walkers in the South Loop” – all within 5,000 steps – or 2.5 miles.

“Best in the South Loop” will vary each time and will last about two hours, featuring three spots with some best experiences you’ll find in the South Loop. Many of the walks will be themed, such as best rooftops, best patios or best pizza.

“Local Walkers in the South Loop” is less structured and will last about 90 minutes. The paths will change each time and end at one of the South Loop’s best establishments.

The Chicago South Loop Explorers will focus on walking within Ida B. Wells Drive (formerly, Congress Parkway) on the north, South Desplaines Street on the west, Cermak Road on the south (as well as Motor Row) and Lake Michigan on the east. The group will also elbow its way to the surrounding streets and neighborhoods, so you won’t miss anything. There’s a lot to see and do here.

Sign up and check the schedule at You’ll get some exercise, enjoy the South Loop and meet some new people!

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