Imagine a perfect landscape, like a dream, which you wouldn’t want to leave – this is what you’ll find in Benasque Valley, in Huesca (Aragon). If you decide to come, you’ll be able to enjoy the Posets-Maladeta Nature Reserve, which has the largest number of mountains over 3,000 metres, such as Aneto, and the beautiful municipality of Benasque. Would you like to come?

In the Nature Reserve there are 13 glaciers, in the Posets, Perdiguero and Maladeta massifs, and 95 glacial lakes with many waterfalls. You’re sure to be impressed by all this beauty. A good way to get a good view of the peaks in the Reserve is to take the chair lift from Aneto to Posets, leaving from Ampriu (to get there you need to go up a road from the town of Cerler).
You can also go on one of the excursions round the Reserve, which will take you to the Estós shelter, Ibón de Batisielles glacial lake or Espigantosa waterfall, for example.
And to learn a bit more about the area, go to the Visitor Centre (less than 10 minutes from Benasque).

Pure activity

You can also sign up for the Aiguallut Geomorphologic Path (you’ll find glaciers, meanders, avalanche paths, faults, etc.), or the Cuenca Moral Botanical Path (which is shorter and easier).
And if you want something more exciting, there are all kinds of activities available, such as mountain biking, canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, kayaking, mountaineering, climbing, horse riding, paragliding (or alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering in winter). Which takes your fancy?

Three stops in the same municipality

The municipality of Benasque comprises the towns of Benasque, Cerler and Anciles.

Benasque, the historical capital of the valley of the same name, is a must if you want to photograph examples of Pyrenean architecture such as Casa Faure, the Town Hall, Casa Juste, and the Condes de Ribagorza Palace. We recommend taking a walk round the old town to discover coats of arms or traces of the Renaissance.
You can also go to Anciles, where you’ll be amazed by its noble houses.
Lastly, we suggest exploring Cerler, the highest town in the Aragon Pyrenees. Especially if you like skiing, as it boasts one of the best resorts in Spain. Another tip? Don’t miss a beautiful viewpoint on the way to Cerler, which affords a view of Benasque, Eriste and the adjoining valleys.
And if you feel like taking part in the municipality’s traditions, you can come to one of their festivities: San Marcial (30 June, in Benasque, with the traditional dances: “Ball dels omes” one day, and “Ball de les donnes” the next), San Lorenzo (10 August in Cerler) or San Pedro (29 June in Anciles).

A whole valley for you

Bear in mind that there are more than 30 towns and villages in Benasque Valley, which belong to the district of La Ribagorza, so there is lots more to see. In many of them you’ll find Upper Aragonese architecture, Romanesque churches, Palaeolithic and Neolithic sites, etc. Some places with character are Roda de Isábena and Montañana.

A little bit of relaxation

If, after so much activity, you want to relax and be pampered, you can always go to the Baños de Benasque spa, at an altitude of about 1,700 metres. The thermal springs reach a temperature of around 37ºC. Another option is the Villas del Turbón spa, also situated in the heart of the mountain.
Thanks to the friendly character of the local people, the variety of services and the delicious gastronomy, a holiday in Benasque is the perfect plan. Discover nature with all your senses, switch off from everyday life and… don’t forget your camera!

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