Articel SUCCESSFUL Meetings 6 Steps for a Successful International Meeting

By Deanna Ting
May 1, 2013

Negotiating with international suppliers can be complicated, but following the right steps will simplify the planning process for the most far-flung events

When you take your meeting outside of the U.S., things can get a bit complicated. With 196 countries total, and more than 6,500 different spoken languages around the world, not to mention borders, time zones, cultural and business differences, and entry requirements, putting together an international meeting can be daunting.

However, given these challenges, and even as budgets continue to scale back or remain relatively low, there are organizations that continue to meet outside of the U.S. – and that value the significance of an international meeting.

Staying on budget and pulling off an effective international meeting are not mutually exclusive. Successful Meetings spoke to various experts and planners to find out the best methods for planners to work with and negotiate with international suppliers to pull off a powerful event abroad.