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Adventure Combat Ops Brings The Most Realistic, Apocalyptic, Combat Simulation In The World To Las Vegas

Prepare with Special Operations. Battle the Apocalypse. Save the World.

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LAS VEGAS, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting in May, Adventure Combat Ops (ACO) will bring the most realistic, apocalyptic, combat simulation in the world to Las Vegas. Civilians can now participate in a two hour experience based on the special operations missions made wildly popular in first-person video games and major motion pictures. ACO guests will be prepared and led by members of elite special operations forces including Delta Force and Navy SEALs. Outfitted with tactical gear and non-lethal weapons, guests will then undertake a mission into a post-apocalyptic world within ACO's 70,000 square-foot facility. Full sensory immersion will await those brave enough to complete mission tasks and test their new skills battling zombies while saving the world alongside real American heroes.     

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"There is nothing like Adventure Combat Ops anywhere in the world. Las Vegas is the perfect city for this one-of-a-kind-opportunity to prepare and partner with the elite of the military's special ops forces. Our mission is to show people a side of themselves they have never seen as they experience the ultimate adrenaline rush," said Travis Krauss, Adventure Combat Ops Founder and Chief Executive Officer.

The ACO experience is best described as a two hour adrenaline rush designed for civilians of all fitness and ability levels where teamwork, cohesion, and quick thinking are valued over physical exertion. No prior military or tactical experience is necessary to participate.

Guests will be accompanied through the ACO experience by ACO Operative Team Leaders. The Operative Team is comprised of Delta Force, Navy SEAL, Green Beret/Special Forces, and Army Ranger operators who collectively have decades of combat and mission experience around the world. Guests will be provided with a mission briefing and equipped with some of the finest non-lethal weapons and tactical gear. Mission-specific preparation will include weapon operation, intelligence gathering, breaching, clearing rooms, hostage rescue, and more.

Guests will then be deployed into a completely indoor, apocalyptic-themed cityscape as they attempt to complete their mission while eliminating a swarm of zombies and other enemy threats. Guests will maneuver through and around a compilation of structures and obstacles as they apply their preparation and complete mission tasks. The mission environment is best described as "controlled chaos," achieved through full sensory immersion via extensive special effects including specialty lighting, fog machines, sound systems, scent machines, and video projections. A network of cameras and embedded photographers/videographers will capture all the action.

Packages start at $199 and include the full immersive experience with an ACO Operative Team Leader and a "kit" issue (Masada non-lethal assault rifle, jump fast helmet, equipment vest, ammo, goggles, and a two-way, multi-channel radio with headset). ACO is now accepting reservations on their website www.AdventureCombatOps.com.

ACO is conveniently located at 4375 S. Valley View Boulevard, Suite G (south of Flamingo Road, near the Palms Casino Resort). Hours of operation will be Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 12 midnight. ACO is available seven days a week for special events, corporate outings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and training. All guests must be 16 years-of-age or older, and if a minor, accompanied by an adult. For more information, please call 1-844-END-NEAR (363-6327) or visit www.AdventureCombatOps.com, www.facebook.com/AdventureCombatOps, or www.twitter.com/AdventureCombat.

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Battle Zombies, Save the World. Adventure Combat Ops Launches in Vegas May 2015


Elevated view of the Adventure Combat Ops’ 56,000 square-foot, indoor cityscape where participants will run missions and battle zombies in a realistic environment with complete sensory immersion.


Join real American heroes and battle zombies in the most realistic, apocalyptic, combat simulation in the world launching in May 2015 at Adventure Combat Ops in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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