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Wedgwood Enters Exclusive Global Partnership with The Langham Hotels to Create 'The Langham Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood'

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LONDON, Sept. 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Wedgwood and The Langham Hotels have collaborated to launch a bespoke version of an afternoon tradition – "The Langham Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood" – serving Wedgwood specialty teas in tailor-made "Langham Rose" Wedgwood tea ware with a special menu created by the hotels' Pastry Chefs worldwide.

"Both The Langham Hotels and Wedgwood have an exemplary history in presenting the best luxury afternoon tea experience," said Bob Van Den Oord, Vice President, Brands at Langham Hospitality Group. "With a heritage of more than 250 years, Wedgwood is renowned for its fine craftsmanship; its tea academy and tea selections are amongst the world's best. 

Mr. Van Den Oord continued, "This partnership links two iconic luxury heritage brands, and we are proud to present to our guests the sensory results of this alliance."

The Langham, Hong Kong will be the first in the group to introduce the bespoke "The Langham Afternoon Tea by Wedgwood" experience on 25 September, followed by the rest of The Langham hotels worldwide.  Wedgwood has specially created the Langham Rose tea ware exclusively for The Langham Hotels for "The Langham Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood" experience.  Leigh Taylor, Wedgwood's Group Vice President of Marketing and Design said, "Wedgwood is a luxury lifestyle brand perfectly suited to the luxury experience synonymous with Langham Hotels.  The Langham Rose tea ware is exquisitely designed to complement the sumptuous afternoon tea experience at the Langham."

The Pastry Chefs at the individual Langham Hotels will also create their own menus and exquisite afternoon tea delights to complement the Wedgwood tea ware, ensuring a delightfully visual experience.

Only the finest teas have been sourced from around the world including those so rare, they are kept under lock and key within the Langham Tea Vaults.  Carefully chosen Wedgwood Tea blends and exclusive Langham blends which include, Palm Court Exotic Blend, Silk Road Blend, English Flower Blend and The Langham Blend will be presented and served at "The Langham Afternoon Tea with Wedgwood".

The Langham Tea Sommeliers are trained and certified by the Wedgwood tea academy and can be recognized by the Wedgwood ceramic badge or cufflinks.

Since the mid-18th century Wedgwood has been intrinsically linked with tea; Josiah Wedgwood, ever perceptive to zeitgeist, began designing tea ware collections in response to the emerging fashion for drinking tea, which flourished with the growth of trade routes that brought this new commodity from the Far East to England. The adoption of these collections by Queen Charlotte resulted in permission to rename the collection 'Queen's ware'.

The royal affirmation prompted a deeper link between Wedgwood and tea. As 'Potter to her Majesty', as he was now known, Wedgwood's tea ware grew in popularity with the aristocratic classes, including the Duchess of Bedford to whom the origins of the English tradition of Afternoon Tea are attributed.

In 1865 the Duchess, experiencing a 'sinking feeling' in the middle of the afternoon, took to her room with tea making equipment and some bread and butter. This small repast was so enjoyable that it was soon shared with friends; as its popularity grew it developed into a more elaborate affair encompassing both sweet and savoury delights.

The Langham has been synonymous with the tradition of afternoon tea since it was first served at The Langham, London in 1865, almost 150 years ago. 

The modern Afternoon Tea is now a universally popular indulgence which crosses boundaries and cultures whilst retaining elements of the original experience. Whilst choice of blends or accompaniments may differ for individual palettes, the underlying purpose of the ritual, a time to draw breath with good company in a pleasant haven of tranquillity, remains central to the Wedgwood tea room experience.

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