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Following Increased Private Jet Usage, SherpaReport Updates Guide to Private Aviation With Latest Trends, Prices and Products

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BOSTON, Sept. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Private jets have bounced back from the recession. Usage has increased, the big fleets are adding over $30bn of new planes and prices are rising. To clarify all the options, SherpaReport has just introduced a newly updated Guide to Private Aviation. This in-depth report provides a comparison of fractional ownership, fractional jet cards, charter cards, and on-demand charter options for private jets.

SherpaReport Aviation Guide

Now in its fourth year of publication, the Guide has been fully updated with the latest trends, prices, and products in private aviation. After some lulls in private jet usage following the recession, the market has improved with new options, all of which are reflected in the updates to the Guide.

Business and individuals looking to choose the best program for their needs will find valuable and essential information in the Guide to Private Aviation. The Guide begins with an overview of the reasons to use private aviation and discusses the advantages of flying privately. It also explains the different types of aircraft, and includes a section on identifying the right aircraft for a company or an individual's travel needs.

The core part of the report explains the different program types, including fractional aircraft ownership, both fractional jet cards and charter jet cards and also on-demand jet charter. Each of these programs has defining characteristics, structure and different price points. For some travelers, a mix of these programs may well be the answer. The Guide assists in analyzing the best options. In addition, updated sample pricing information, an overview of key documents for fractional ownership, and a glossary of private flying terms are all included to educate and assist prospective buyers.

"Over the last few years, we've spoken to hundreds of people who have found the Guide really valuable as they make their buying decisions," said Nick Copley, President of SherpaReport. "They have told us they really appreciate the review of different options, how much they cost, how each of them works, and the key questions to ask before making a purchase."

John McLaughlin read the Guide while doing his research and commented, "I've got several pilot friends that I talked to, but your report really summed it all up well, it was very helpful. "  Reader Terry Growcock stated, "This was really useful. I wish I'd of had this Guide five years ago when I bought my first fraction."

The free Guide to Private Aviation is available on http://www.sherpareport.com/aircraft/guide2014.html.

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SherpaReport.com is the source for in-depth information about the growing private aviation market. Through extensive research, constant monitoring and in-depth interviews with the industry's senior executives, as well as current owners and members, SherpaReport keeps on top of the latest trends and issues.  Its affluent readers depend on SherpaReport's news, analysis and directories to help them make informed decisions, about which private aviation options are right for their families and their companies.

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