Mountie for MacBook Air and Macbook Pro for Business Travelers Review

A Mountie clips your Apple mobile devices to your MacBook laptop. Check our review.

When I first learned about the Mountie, I was working at home on my laptop and my iPhone was connected and powering up next to it on my table.

I often rely on my mobile device as a way of looking up information without having to navigate through multiple window screens (which I do that, too). And I know that others juggle a second device as they work.

Courtesy image
Mountie (courtesy image)

What is a Mountie and How Does It Work?

It’s a portable side clip that attaches to your Macbook Pro or Macbook Air. The Mountie connects to a second device — an iPad Air, iPad mini or iPhone — allowing you to have multiple views around your screen.

Developed by design company Ten One Design, the gadget arrives with six rubberized grips that vary in size based on the width of your various devices (including a width that fits the width of your iPhone case). You can switch out these grips at any time. So, on one side, you slide the Mountie along the edge of your laptop and then insert your mobile device on the other. Then, you just close the clip – no further adjustments needed.

Keep in mind that your laptop display is highly sensitive and tied to the overall function of your computer. So, make sure you use the correct grip and open/close the mountie once it’s in place (do not slide it on/off while it’s secured) to protect your device (nobody will wan to have to visit the Genius Bar).

That said, attaching the Mountie to your laptop is easy (great for those who are left handed and prefer that direction), and it’s strong enough to hold the weight of mobile devices while keeping them sturdy and in place (so you can confidently tap away).

The Mountie is a side-mount clip that is black with green trim. It works with your Macbook laptops and other mobile Apple devices. And it will help streamline the way you work when traveling for business on the road. © Rob Hard 2015T
The Mountie is a side-mount clip that is black with green trim. It works with your Macbook laptops and other mobile Apple devices. And it will help streamline the way you work when traveling for business on the road.
© Rob Hard 2015

Business Travel Uses for Mountie

When we travel for business, we are already thinking of creative ways to keep everything compact. How can we fit everything into our carry-on? How can we minimize and fit all of our work into our laptop bags? Where can we squeeze and convert a few inches into a temporary workspace? But that doesn’t mean we aren’t also thinking of ways to make things comfortable at the same time.

If you’re traveling on the road, you can imagine the ways a Mountie — working with two devices at the same time — can help with multitasking at the airport, on a plane, in a meeting, on the trade show floor, in your hotel room and elsewhere.

Most people keep open at least a few different browser windows at any given time, but then they need to navigate between windows or tabs to see information. Or, we need to create various-sized windows to more easily click between each. With a Mountie, we can keep the two most important windows open in their full views at the same time.

But you can also identify a few selfish uses for having a Mountie and using a second device while traveling.

  • Stream movies, sports, news or anything else you want to watch.
  • Take advantage of hands-free FaceTime video chats.
  • Shop using your second device while working.

The Verdict?

The Mountie is a great way to get the benefits of using two devices at the same time while keeping them both at the same eye level. It’s lightweight and durable. And it also opens up the possible ways we can change how we work. One suggestion is that you’ll want to find a small case or pouch to store the rubberized grips and instructions in your computer bag (and that will help avoid the potential for losing these since they are small; I used a small ziplock bag of my own). The bottom line, however, is that the Mountie makes business travel a bit more comfortable.

Have you used a Mountie? Share your comments with us.

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