Iberia Airlines Now Offers Premium Economy Between the US and Spain

Iberia announces an upgraded, international flight experience.

Iberia Airlines is adding a new class of seating on 37 of its long-haul aircrafts: Premium Economy Class. It’s a new separate seating section for flights between Madrid and several U.S. cities, including Chicago, New York, Miami and Boston. Some key details:

  • Launch fares in the new class start at $1,299 roundtrip.
  • New section offers more room between rows, wider and more reclinable seats, and 12-inch entertainment display screens.
  • Designed for economy passengers who want enhanced comfort and service before and during longer international flights.
  • Service includes larger luggage allowance, special meal service, a personalised toilet kit, and noise-cancelling earphones.

The new, separate seating class will be available starting in May from Madrid to Chicago and New York; from Madrid to Miami in August and from Madrid to Boston in September.

During 2017 and 2018, the new seating will be installed on 21 of Iberia’s long-haul aircraft. Eight Airbus A330-300s will have 21 Premium Economy seats, and 13 Airbus A340-600s will have 23.

Iberia’s 16 New Airbus A350-900s 

The 16 new-generation Airbus A350-900s, scheduled to be delivered after 2018, will come factory-equipped with the new sections. eatures of the new Premium Economy class include the following:

  • Seats that recline 40 percent more (from 5 to 7 inches).
  • More separation between rows: 37 inches (20 percent more than in Economy).
  • Wider seats: 19 inches (11.6 percent more than in Economy).
  • More comfort: fully adjustable headrests and footrests, with more seat recline.
  • Bigger video and better audio: full 12-inch HD screens (vs. 9-inch in Economy) with more than 600 complimentary entertainment options, noise-cancelling earphones, and charging ports for personal electronic devices.
  • International Wi-Fi: travellers flying on the aircraft equipped with the new seating section can stay connected with Wi-Fi service.
  • Exclusive in-flight service: a complimentary drink, an upgraded meal service, special linen and personalised toilet kit.
  • More luggage: the fare covers two checked suitcases, priority in boarding and disembarking, and special check-in counters in the Madrid airport.

According to Iberia Chief Commercial Officer Marco Sansavini, “Our customers have a variety of preferences and priorities, and Iberia is adapting in order to meet all those needs. The new Premium Economy is designed to reach a new kind of traveler who seeks enhanced service before and during international flights, but does not wish to elect for Business Class. Our fares in the new intermediate class will appeal to a wide cross-section of customers, and the new class of service will be ideal for special trips and celebrations.”

Travelers will need to book flights before January 31, 2017, for the new Premium Economy class fares that start at $1,299 roundtrip.

For more information on the new Premium Economy class, visit Iberia’s YouTube channel for tour through the new section, or www.iberia.com.

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