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Paradores of Spain Review

In a country that is as old as Spain, you'll find amazing castles and fortresses and convents and other historic sites. And that's one of many draws that lure visitors. But what's unique about Spain is that you can visit many of their historic sites, go to sleep there and wake up. That's what the Paradores offer: these are historic landmarks … [Read more...]

Visit Cities in Spain and France Using High Speed Rail

It’s very common for business travelers to extend their stay whenever they visit Barcelona to attend a major conference or if they are returning here on holiday with family and friends. And why not? The city has a tropical climate, fresh Catalan gastronomy and an easy lifestyle. It's also s a perfect opportunity to visit other Spanish cities … [Read more...]

Traveling to Hamburg, Germany for Business? What You Should Know

While Berlin and Frankfurt are cities that quickly come to mind when considering conventions, meetings and events in Germany, Hamburg -- the second largest city in the country -- is vibrant. There’s an interesting contrast between old and new that can be found when visiting Hamburg. On the one hand, Hamburg established itself as a strategic, … [Read more...]

Traveling to Barcelona, Spain for Business? What You Should Know

When it comes to cities in the world that are most popular for international meetings, Barcelona consistently ranks among the top (Barcelona ranked 5th in the 2012 International Congress and Convention Association annual listing). Barcelona is one of the most popular travel destinations for Europeans and Americans -- especially when it comes to … [Read more...]

Traveling to San Sebastian, Spain for Business? What You Should Know

Located on the northwest Atlantic coast of Spain in Basque Country, San Sebastian's reputation began as a summer holiday destination. But conventions, meetings and special events have turned this city along La Concha Bay into a year-round destination. San Sebastian is romantic and enchanting, and it has it all -- a mild climate (year round), … [Read more...]

Traveling to Bilbao, Spain for Business? What You Should Know

Imagine looking outside your window and seeing that you are in a city that is easy to walk, modern yet centuries old, and surrounded by small, green mountains ... and it's located next to a port. This is Bilbao, Spain. Experience Bilbao, Spain, for Business Travel: Bilbao is the economic and financial center of the Basque Country, and the … [Read more...]

Silken Gran Domine Bilbao Hotel Review

Imagine waking up to a direct view of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, and then enjoying breakfast on a rooftop patio at the restaurant of a renowned chef with six Michelin stars. That's just the beginning of what you can expect when staying at the Silken Gran Domine Hotel (built in 2002/2003). Experience the Silken Gran Domine Bilbao … [Read more...]

Hotel Nord 1901 in Girona

Hotel Nord 1901 is a boutique hotel that will appeal to both business and leisure travelers who are searching for an upscale hotel. Located in the historic area of Girona, it is in the commercial area where you will find plenty of shops and restaurants. Hotel Nord is in a historic building that was completely renovated in 2009. My double room … [Read more...]

Hotels in Girona, Spain

Girona offers a range of hotels that are in or nearby the city. Located just an hour outside of Barcelona and near Costa Brava, hotels in Girona are business-friendly and cost effective on budgets. If you're searching for hotels in Girona, consider the following that we have seen: Hotel Nord 1901 4* Hotel Nord is a boutique hotel that is local … [Read more...]

Traveling to Girona, Spain, for Meetings or Events? What You Should Know

Barcelona gives you a metropolitan experience in Catalunya, but travel out to a nearby smaller city like Girona, Spain and you'll experience the local culture: local food, local business and local history. Girona is located about an hour north of Barcelona and near Costa Brava (the drive is beautiful, and Grup Limousines offers excellent … [Read more...]