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Find a Wine Tasting: Visit Vinopolis in London (Review)

You don't have to go to wine country to enjoy a good wine tasting. When traveling, you can find wine bars and wine tastings in cities and even small towns. While visiting London, I discovered Vinopolis, an interactive tasting museum (2.5 acres in size) for wine, beer, whiskey rum and other cocktails. Vinopolis is centrally located on the South … [Read more...]

London in a Day

When considering the best cities in the world, London is one of my personal favorites: It's easy to navigate, it's filled with history, and your options are numerous. London is also multicultural, with visitors from around the world, including its 15 Sovereign Commonwealths and 54 independent member countries. And many of them actually live in … [Read more...]

The Waldorf Hilton in London

The Waldorf Hilton is a business-friendly, historic hotel in the heart of London with an interesting story behind it. More than 100 years ago, the hotel was the vision of two theatre impresarios. They wanted to own their own business and knew this hotel in this location would be a hit. With their foresight and the financial backing of William … [Read more...]

Travel Information: London, UK

Museums, Theater and Shopping in the Most International City London museums, London theater and London shopping are perhaps the most popular activities for the more than 25 million visitors who travel here each year, of which 6.2 million are in London for business travel. Business Travel Video: London This shouldn’t be … [Read more...]