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Canyon Ranch Las Vegas Spa Review

You can find several great spas in Vegas, but Canyon Ranch SpaClub stands out among those that top the list on the Strip. What makes Canyon Ranch unique is its focus on helping you achieve optimal health through spa, fitness, wellness and more. Located on the third floor of The Palazzo and The Venetian hotels, Canyon Ranch has 134,000 square … [Read more...]

Traveling to Lyon, France for Business? What You Should Know

Lyon is a city with cosmopolitan architecture, countless activities, superb gastronomy, world-class lodging and modern event space. And this is what every meeting planner and business traveler wants in a destination. Lyon, France's third largest city, combines the old quintessential France with a modern contemporary vibe to create one of the most … [Read more...]

Traveling to Vegas for Business? What You Should Know

What happens in Las Vegas? Well, for many of the more than 40 million who travel there each year – including about 8 million are international visitors – it’s four days and three nights of luxury resorts and casinos, nearly every type of entertainment and show, shopping at some of the best stores, world class dining and celebrity chefs, indulgent … [Read more...]

Traveling to Geneva, Switzerland for Business? What You Should Know

“Geneva is the world’s largest international village,” says Anja Loetscher, director  Geneva Convention Bureau. That's because this business city offers its own cultural flare and is extremely easy to navigate and travel around. Though it only has 190,000 residents, Geneva, Switzerland welcomes three million visitors each year. It couples … [Read more...]

Traveling to Pamplona, Spain for Business? What You Should Know

When most people think of Pamplona, the annual Running of the Bulls in early July is likely one of the first things that come to mind. And that alone may be enough to draw the attention of some who plan incentive trips. But there are many other business reasons throughout the year that will pleasantly surprise those of you who haven't organized or … [Read more...]

Traveling to Bangkok for Business? What You Should Know

Bangkok is a quintessential Asian metropolis, offering rich cultural attractions, limitless shopping opportunities, lively nightlife and its distinct culture and renowned hospitality. Business travelers and visitors from around the world discover that it has all the comforts of home packaged in a chic, exciting mix of modern and traditional living. … [Read more...]

Traveling to New Orleans, Louisiana for Business? What You Should Know

Cajun and Creole cuisine. Landmark architecture. Jazz. Art. Shopping. Gambling. The Superdome. The Mississippi. All of this and world class convention facilities for business meetings and events are contributing to the success of the the French Quarter as a boomtown. Let the good times roll in New Orleans! While the effects of Hurricane Katrina … [Read more...]

Discover the Region of Murcia, Spain for Your Business Meeting or Event

The Murcia region is more of a tourist destination than a spot for international business meetings, but perhaps that should change. Murcia is an autonomous state in the southeast of Spain, located on the Mediterranean Sea between Valencia and Andalusia. Experience the Murcia Region in Spain: If you're an American and haven't heard of it, it's … [Read more...]

Paradores of Spain Review

In a country that is as old as Spain, you'll find amazing castles and fortresses and convents and other historic sites. And that's one of many draws that lure visitors. But what's unique about Spain is that you can visit many of their historic sites, go to sleep there and wake up. That's what the Paradores offer: these are historic landmarks … [Read more...]

Traveling to Lexington, Kentucky for Business? What You Should Know

Charles Kuralt once said that “the descent into the Lexington airport is the most beautiful in America.” Given its beautiful blue grass, rolling hills and grazing horses, I would have to agree. If you’re traveling to Lexington for business or considering hosting a meeting here, the thoroughbred capital of the world provides many outstanding … [Read more...]