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2012 Calendar with Holidays and International Events

Whether you are planning or traveling to business meetings, you know that holidays and existing international events have a way of influencing the schedule. That’s why we maintain our international 2012 calendar with holidays and events. And this year's calendar is larger than ever. Keeping an events calendar helps any event planner or business … [Read more...]

Events and Catering: What You Should Know

Whether you're working with a private caterer or the catering manager at the venue itself, it's helpful to consider several factors before building the menu for catering events and meetings. The first thing to remember for corporate catering is that the menu options they present are almost always 100% flexible. And even though most caterers will … [Read more...]

Site Inspection Checklist

Unless you are completely familiar with a venue already and know the sales and management team in place, it's important to fully review a site in person before signing any agreements. That means you should bring a site inspection checklist every time you select a venue for meeting and event planning. This reduces the chance of overlooking any … [Read more...]

How to Find a Venue for Meetings and Events

Deciding the best event space venue for your event is critical to your program's overall success. It takes time, but it doesn't have to feel overwhelming. It's actually a fun challenge to find a venue for a meeting, conference or event. Assuming you have already identified the type of event space you are planning and its purpose, many other … [Read more...]

How to Turn Meeting Invitations into Event Registration

Event organizers are always searching for creative ways to convert their meeting invitations into event registrations. This has been further challenged in recent years when political and economic factors have resulted in decreased attendance at business events and conventions. That’s because when the economy is slow, travel expenses are … [Read more...]

How to Hire an Event Company

Whether it's your first time hiring an outside event planner to help you with an event or if you only need to occasionally hire someone, it's important to make sure you hire the right event company or event planner for your program. This doesn't have to seem like a daunting task, but you should make sure you spend time sourcing the best event … [Read more...]

Online Event Registration Review

Online event registration streamlines the event planning process, improves efficiency, often increases attendance, and measures results with a click of the mouse. Online registration software is typically provided by a company specializing in event management software, usually web-based. Online event registration software allows you to customize … [Read more...]

Basketball Events

If you're looking for a unique venue for a corporate event or employee appreciation outing, look no further than basketball arenas. While you may not be able to coordinate sports hospitality at the NBA All Star Game or the NBA Finals, corporate events at basketball arenas is something that will please everyone. And with 44 home games, it's … [Read more...]

Horse Racing Events

Although live thoroughbred horse racing is usually limited to the favorable weather months during the year (May to September), horse racing tracks are an excellent venue for corporate events and social event function space year round. And many tracks have several group event and special event coordinators on staff to help planners with nearly all … [Read more...]

Corporate Golf Events

Corporate golf events are scheduled practically annually by most organizations. And why not? Golf outings and golf events allow hosts to have a captive audience with decision makers for as much time as an entire day. For non-profits and associations, it also serves as a key activity that creates opportunities to interact with their membership or … [Read more...]