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Sustainable Companies for Green Printing Print Solutions and Services

It's All About Choosing Certified Paper and Using Soy Ink. Whether it's your marketing or meetings strategy, printing solutions don't need to be perceived as wasteful or environmentally-unfriendly just because you're printing brochures, business cards, conference materials and other publications – these are necessary. That’s why many have … [Read more...]

Incorporate Fitness and Exercise on the Road

I’m guessing that many business travelers make choices similar to those I make when I choose to skip the travel exercise portion of my travel itinerary, when I sacrifice sleep to complete one more project, and when I don't drink enough water. Plus, the day is typically filled with meetings, maybe a presentation, attending sessions or a trade … [Read more...]

High Speed Rail for Business Travel in Europe May Serve as USA Model

When it comes to high speed rail transportation, Europe is miles ahead of any U.S. transportation initiatives for high-speed trains. And this is something that should catch the attention of the meetings industry at this time because it takes many years to implement any initiatives for high speed trains. In Europe, high-speed trains operate in … [Read more...]

Green, Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

From biodegradable and reusable shopping bags to apparel made with soy and bamboo or corporate gifts made from corn plastic, organizations are increasing their focus on procuring green or eco-friendly promotional items for client gifts and meetings. And more choices exist now than ever before - if you spend some time learning about the market. So, … [Read more...]

Know the VAT Rates and Refunds Process by Country

VAT rates vary by country and visitor purchases may qualify for a refund, depending on the conditions established by the visiting country as it relates to your country of permanent residence. For example, U.S. citizens visiting a European country may be subject to different refund terms than European Union (EU) nationals visiting a destination … [Read more...]

2010 Business Travel Budgets Increase for Business Meetings, Down for Managed Travel

Business travel budgets were slashed by as much as 20% - 40% in most organizations during 2009, so how should corporate travel, sales, operations, education and meeting professionals approach their 2010 business travel budget planning? When it comes to projecting 2010 business travel budgets, experts say that some of the challenges … [Read more...]

Business Travel Provides 170% ROI for Sales

International Business Travel News Report For those who may not realize the total value of business travel these days, perhaps the results of a ten year study may shed light on the value of business travel and the corporate investment of business events for business development. A review of 9,500 U.S. companies across 15 industry between … [Read more...]

Government Meeting Planners Should Choose City, Venues and Suppliers for Events

Commentary on Federal Agencies Banning Destinations from Government Meetings It seems that government meeting planners are probably a relatively quiet group who probably don’t get the level of recognition they really deserve. For those who may not know – and this includes administrators and others who work at the federal, state and local levels – … [Read more...]