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On Business in Oslo – How to Stay in Budget

There has never been a better time to do business in Norway; the Legatum Prosperity Index has named it the world’s most prosperous country for the fifth year in a row and the capital, Oslo, has long been one of Europe’s most important financial and business hubs. If you’re soon to take an Oslo city break for business then you will find that … [Read more...]

Getting Back to Business in Cairo – A First Timer’s Guide

November brought the good news that travel restrictions placed upon Cairo in recent months have been relaxed. This means that holidays to Egypt are once again on the increase and business trips are back on track. Will you be heading to Cairo on business in 2014? If so, here are some travel tips to help ensure that your trip runs smoothly. Getting … [Read more...]

Traveling to Hamburg, Germany for Business? What You Should Know

While Berlin and Frankfurt are cities that quickly come to mind when considering conventions, meetings and events in Germany, Hamburg -- the second largest city in the country -- is vibrant. There’s an interesting contrast between old and new that can be found when visiting Hamburg. On the one hand, Hamburg established itself as a strategic, … [Read more...]

Hilton Naples Expands Catering Service In Naples, Florida

Regional Focus View Hilton Hotels Resorts news from surrounding regions » Property Highlight Photo Caption Photo Download … [Read more...]

Traveling to Kilkenny, Ireland for Business? What You Should Know

If you would like to experience a city that’s as rich in history as it is in local “Irish charm” and has an excellent track record in hospitality for meetings and events, then travel to Kilkenny. Situated on both banks of the River Nore, in the South East of Ireland, Kilkenny is an enchanting medieval city, complete with cobblestone streets, a 900 … [Read more...]

London in a Day

When considering the best cities in the world, London is one of my personal favorites: It's easy to navigate, it's filled with history, and your options are numerous. London is also multicultural, with visitors from around the world, including its 15 Sovereign Commonwealths and 54 independent member countries. And many of them actually live in … [Read more...]

Traveling to Girona, Spain, for Meetings or Events? What You Should Know

Barcelona gives you a metropolitan experience in Catalunya, but travel out to a nearby smaller city like Girona, Spain and you'll experience the local culture: local food, local business and local history. Girona is located about an hour north of Barcelona and near Costa Brava (the drive is beautiful, and Grup Limousines offers excellent … [Read more...]

Traveling to Cordoba, Spain, for Meetings or Events? What You Should Know

The historic quarter in Cordoba, Spain has a remarkable history of cultures that settled here during Roman, Muslim and Christian eras, including a thriving Jewish community between the 10th and 12th centuries. And much of the architecture from these eras still remains, allowing visitors to experience that past. Experience Cordoba, Spain Your … [Read more...]

Traveling to Toledo, Spain, for Meetings or Events? What You Should Know

If you enjoy spending a day in old town neighborhoods of European cities (as I do), you’ll really appreciate the experience of spending 24 hours in the walled city of Toledo, Spain. Built on a mountain and surrounded by the river Tagus, this city is remarkably preserved for being more than 2,200 years old and offers stunning views. Toledo is … [Read more...]